Our Product

Advanced Filtration Systems Inc. (AFSI) is the industry leader in high efficiency fluid filter design and manufacturing for applications including oil filtration, water separation, and both engine and hydraulic systems. Specializing in lube, fuel, and hydraulic applications, AFSI filters are used in Caterpillar machinery worldwide.

We proudly stand behind a line of products that are respected worldwide for exceeding high quality and functionality standards even under heavy-duty applications and difficult conditions.


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Cleaner Machines

In the world of heavy equipment, contamination is the biggest threat to component durability. Expert operators can’t see or feel lack of efficiency in the hydraulic systems until the machine loses 20% productivity.

This 20% loss is equivalent to one working day in a weekly operation, resulting in lower revenues and unnecessary wear and tear to the machine. To combat this problem, AFSI designs remarkable filters that capture 98% of contaminates compared to the competitor’s 50%, as demonstrated in laboratory testing.

Additionally, in Fuel Filter Competitive Testing, AFSI was the only manufacturer to meet all of the testing requirements, significantly outperforming the competition.


State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

Cutting edge technology is demonstrated in the computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) techniques utilized to produce the highest quality filters focused on individual component longevity.

AFSI’s highly automated production techniques enable our facilities to manufacture filters of the finest quality, while still keeping prices competitive. Our facilities lead the world in efficiency, innovation, and safety, so much so that Industry Weekly named the US facility as a Top 10 American Plant.

Even more remarkably, AFSI has maintained our commitment to the environment, twice achieving the coveted Governor's Award for Pollution Prevention. Among many other awards, Caterpillar has recognized AFSI as a certified supplier of quality and material filters since 1993.



Key Product Differences

Through our unsurpassed technology and resources, AFSI constructs filters uniquely built to provide optimum results and long-term durability.

Four Key Factors of this technology differentiate our product from the rest and include:

Center Tube

Nylon Center Tubes

Being 30% stronger than metal, nylon center tubes offer superior engine protection. This additional strength completely eliminates any metal contamination inside the engine for maximum cleanliness.

Acrylic Beading

Acrylic Beading

Acrylic beads help maximize surface area by preventing bunching, thereby reducing the possibility of oil bypass and sediment entering the engine. Ultimately, results are realized through better performance and lower operating costs.

Spiral Roving

Spiral Roving

Spiral roving prevents pleats from flexing and as a result, traps more contaminants into the filter. This unique feature protects critical engine components, ensuring longevity and maximized efficiency.

Molded End Caps

Molded Endcaps

The molded endcaps and filter media form a leak-proof bond that prevents sediment from bypassing filtration. Using filters without this innovative component can cause extreme damage to the engine and lead to costly repairs